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Arabian Sands includes accounts of both these crossings and is illustrated with Thesiger's own dramatic photographs.Thesiger, who had a revulsion to modern life, immersed himself in the country, made friends with the Arabs and travelled on foot and by camel.

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Wilfred Thesiger
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30 Jun 2018

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Arabian Sands is Wilfred Thesiger's stunning account of five years spent crossing the Arabian Peninsula by foot and on camels, with nomadic Bedouin tribesmen as guides. Travelling between 1945 and 1950, the British explorer treks through Yemen, The Empty Quarter, Oman and parts of the then Trucial States, crossing and re-crossing around 250,000 miles of this most inhospitable terrain. He was the first European ever to set eyes on the dunes and wadis of these deserts. Faced with constant challenges and trials beneath the punishing sun, his journey is also spiritual and enriching, as it requires the utmost courage, patience, generosity and humour. In clear and evocative prose, Thesiger documents a journey of unimaginable hardship and startling beauty, as well as a time, place and people on the cusp of change.

Arabian sands is not a romantic reinvention of a travel diary, as we might be accustomed to read. Its crude and plain style underlines the harshness and the richness of Theisinger's experience. While most narrators like to fantasize and dramatize, Wilfred chooses to let the reader understand how the hardships are part of a way of life which ...